Forest Stearns gettin’ a nod

Hometown Hero, Forest Stearns, and his hommie, Arian Stevens, got up in Juxtapoz’s Calendar for their upcoming show in Oregon. It is only a matter of time before they are featured on the cover! You can read the show description here. Their upcoming show will be at the new Portland-area gallery known as the Someone Gallery. I looks like a cool place to chill if you find yourself in Oregon. I know I will be hitting it up the next chance I get.

Someone Gallery

Someone Gallery is brand new to the down town Portland area. Located right next door to PSU at 2718 SW Kelly, Someone Gallery is part of a much bigger multi-faceted project. The layout of our building has a wide variety of hardwood flooring everywhere you look making our presentation space immaculate. The Gallery is also part of the Someone Clothing shop, where artist Someone offers tons of art-driven clothing and one-of-a-kind products plus he continues the art shows with his own art, which will be on permanent display. We keep two artists up for two months at a time, and there is a room downstairs that we have dedicated solely to art installations. Though the shows run for two months, the installation room will be painted every month at the Last Friday party we throw. Along with our monthly parties, we also have in-store performances and events frequently, so keep posted to and come visit us soon!

Wish I was There

Every once in a while I hear about an event that seems as if it were ment just for me. In this case I am talking about the Feast Your Eyes art show in none other that beautiful Portland, OR! It was an art show that featured:

mountains of Heavy Metal-inspired works of art in all variety of mediums from some of the most talented illustrators and poster artists around.

Meaning these humans:

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon it! A heavy metal based art show in a city that I have been wanting to visit for years! Of course I couldn’t go seeing as have a job, and bills, and family and other obligations to attend to. Stupid life. You may be wondering why I am even bothering posting about a show that has already ended and I didn’t attend‽ Well I am marking next years calendar in advance and keeping my ears open for the much needed second coming of this magnificant show. I wish someone else had notified me well ahead of time, so consider this your first notification. Once I find out the next showing I will mark it on my Calendar page, so stay tuned.