Dark Cloud

A couple years ago I was told by a family friend that if I had an “Indian Name” it would be Dark Cloud. Despite his intended jab, I have always thought that was an awesome name, but never owned it because of a local group of bike riding hooligans that call themselves Grey Cloud. Today as I awoke on the wrong side of the bed and watched the storm clouds quietly engulf our spring day I thought back fondly on the name. Maybe someday I will make some prints of a nice big, dark, ominous cloud. This doodle will have to do for now. And here is a shirt design I created a couple years ago for Grey Cloud in case I haven’t posted it yet.

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  1. Yeah Pat said no skulls too and I have a version without it, but this one was handy at the time. Those aren’t snowflakes they are fill stars, but they can go too. Give me some money and I will print it.

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