Calligraphic Scrolls

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately I have been slacking. Here are some cool scrolls I found in a clip art book. It goes to show that the artists of olde were well versed. Not only could these chaps write beautifully, but they could illustrate inventively.




Craig Ward: Typographical Badass

I found Craig Ward’s site while on a web adventure one day. Ward is a typographic designer & illustrator, working with letterpress, digital and hand rendered type to create expressive images. He is constantly experimenting and pushing his the notion of typography. His work is so great it is hard to pick & choose what to show you so take a peak at these and go explore his site: WordsArePictures

Type Insripation

Typography is my favorite design element. Here are two great examples of how people used to push the boundaries of typography centuries ago. They were meticulously rendered by hand, most likely by natural light with hand made drafting utensils. And you thought learning the new Adobe Suite was difficult…



Stay tuned for my new hand rendered type piece.

Blacksmith Type

Last summer I had the pleasure of working as an aprentice blacksmith to my sister at Columbia State Park. This is some of the typography we would create day to day.



Horseshoes were our scrap metal. We experimented with all sorts of shapes, figures symbols. Kristi, my sister, had been working there for several years and was pretty fast in the forge. It was a lot of fun learning a new trade, but I am glad I don’t have to huff coal all day anymore.

Fear Change‽

This is an illustration I created for the TUO*COU apparel line last year. I decided to drop the line after the first shirt and never did anything with it. Like Fight Progress, Fear Change is a satirical motto I feel reflects the ethos of the majority of Tuolumnites. I did the outlines in pen and used Photoshop to color and texture it.


What Would Paris Do?

This is just a taste of the type of art that will be featured in next week’s Artist Survey with Paris Raupach. I loved this piece so much that I had to have it framed in a befitting manner. I think that Corey at Studio West hit the nail on the head when fixed it up for me. What do you think?



I illustrated the central image for this a couple years back after reading a bumper sticker that queried the same. At the time I was researching traditional tattoos for a friend and the imagery emerged from there. I thought it was hilarious and unfortunately timeless. I just colored and affected it to make the piece a little bit snappier for you all.