We have all seen the art that comes out of small towns, art that is saturated with the local land marks, history and landscapes. Art that appeals to the tourist, the nostalgic and the local-centric. The art of Tuolumne County is and forever will be full of images of Yosemite National Park, farmlands, historic buildings and rolling foothills. Images of classic beauty and natural aesthetics overwhelmingly portrayed with traditional styles. This art is beautiful and prosperous, it brings the sure dollar without creating a stir, a question or a message. While I live here in Tuolumne County I am taking it upon myself to bring out the unseen art of the foothills; the artists who have not followed the gilded path laid before them. I must digress though, this is not my only wish.

There are also a number of young artists, giving new life to our local beauty, who need their art seen. I do not wish to ostracize or denounce any one artist, medium or style of art. I simply want to create a venue for those who are not yet accepted or acknowledged. Weather they create the traditional or the contemporary, I will do my best to make sure they are seen.