The Hunter

This is a piece that Mindy and I created for my brother as a Christmas gift. It is based off of a piece of 1920’s illustration of a German hunter that I wanted to use for a Cougar Hunter shirt for him. Our family has had an ongoing joke about my brother’s prowess at the bars and I wanted to commemorate it in some form. Spending less time in the printshop then I used to, I felt that this would be easier than printing a line of shirts for him, but those may get printed someday.

{I know “couger” is misspelled. I didn’t feel like changing it for you}

Having recently visited the Masters of Impressionism exhibit at the De Young Museum I wanted to have the piece be fairly colorful and impressionistic yet masculine. I think we pulled it off pretty well. I painted the background and penciled in the figure, Mindy painted in the main tones. I then exaggerated the shadows and highlights and outlined it all in paint pen. Mindy put on the final touches and added some bleeding tissue paper collage to give it some texture.

It’s been a while…

What can I say? I have been slacking for a long time now, but I am planing on turning all that around. I have gone back to working full time for UV Skinz as their Creative Manager which, believe it or not, gives me much more time to work on personal projects. Over the holidays I made gifts for my family members and am now ready to create for 2011. I will post photos of the completed Christmas presents soon as well as the new projects I have in the works. 2011 will see the completion of a dog house painted for a charity event as well as some tiki gods and various cryptid lino/woodcuts. This is not to say that I wasn’t creating in 2010, I just hadn’t been posting the completed projects. I am sure that I will start posting images once I get them sorted out.

I hope that everyone has a year full of creativity ahead of them. See ya soon.