Facial Hair

A while back I was working really hard to create some design pieces centered around facial hair. This may seem strange to some, but I have always had an appreciation for facial hair stylings. I usually wear some form of sideburns myself. Anyways, I dove into research and tried to find as much history about specific facial hair styles as possible so that I could create a really informative piece. I ended up getting rather overwhelmed by the whole thing and only created a few layouts before I pushed the whole project to the back of my mind. Below is the only one that I am really satisfied with (for now).

This sample is about the facial hair stylings of various dictators and evil figures throughout history. I hope to continue the project in some way, shape or form. I may just make it into a series of posters grouping similar types of people and discussing their facial hair. I will be sure to post any advances on the subject.