UTLTRN for a special day…

I am tired of riffling through the greeting card section at the local supermarkets to find just the right card for the occasion. You know, one that says I know you, but not enough to think of my own special greeting. This year I resolved to make my own greeting cards. It just makes more sense. They are more personal, more interesting and say exactly what I want. Here are some cards I made recently for friends and family. I am currently working on a linocut holiday card. I will post it when it’s finished.


(Birthday card for my dad, front)


(Friend’s card front)


(Brother’s card open. Shirt coming soon.)

3 Replies to “UTLTRN for a special day…”

  1. I love your cards! If you can, swing by our booth at the Christmas Crafts Faire. We’ll be in the Sierra Building along the creekside wall. I’ll be telling stories, too.

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