Alley Art Update

Spread the word: Alley Art is on it’s way! There are just a couple more weeks until 30+ artists unleash their artistic visions upon the unsuspecting people of Black Oak Casino. Below are examples of some of the directions artists have been taking their bowling pins.

Remember all of the pins and other art will only be displayed together as a collection once, from May 21st to the 23rd. If you are in North America at the time you should make the pilgrimage to Tuolumne City’s Black Oak Casino to roll some rocks, sip a Caucasian and purchase some purdy pins.

UTLTRN v. Tuolumne

It is my goal to have a bad ass printmaking workshop.

  • A place where I can create day and night.
  • A place where I can get friends and family involved in creating.
  • A place open to the public.
  • A place to hold concerts, parties and events.
  • A place to teach and entertain.
  • A place with stickers wallpapering the bathroom.
  • A place with concrete floors, stained with ink.


  • Are you bored with the local “scene”?
  • Are you searching for a reason to stay in Tuolumne County?
  • Would you attend workshops on postering, garment printing and customization?
  • Do you want to know what today’s street artists, printmakers and fashionistas are up too?

I want to expose the local yokel to silk screen and relief printing, social propaganda, custom clothing and a sense of pride in accomplishing what is believed to be solely in the hands of industry. I feel that Tuolumne City is in need for an artistic renaissance. There are several empty buildings that are waiting for occupants. There are several creative, anxious people in town waiting for an opportunity. It is a perfect match and let me tell you no one is going to start this for us. No one in the Chamber of Commerce is looking to nurture the arts. They are going to let fail safe, business-in-a-box chain stores to the county. With the coming arrival of the Black Oak Hotel and Golf Course, Tuolumne City has the opportunity to become a really cool place. Lets kick out the meth heads and sweep up the syringes and Keystone Light cans.

Leave a comment and let me know if I should bother with this place or should I just forget about it and move on.

Create and Destroy

Here is some 80’s Thrasher throwback tag knockoff shizzel I drew with the calligraphy brushes on Illustrator. Maybe it will become a t-shirt. It’s up to you…


New Drafting Table!

Last week I got a kick ass drafting table from my friend Chris Deatsch. It came equipped with an over head lamp, a movable civil engineer protractor head with 10 alternate rulers, loads of drafting velum and grid paper, an eraser brush and some sweet vintage instructions and booklets from 1949. It was Chris’ grandfather’s who was a civil engineer for Stanislaus County before he passed a few years back. It will now be my typography table where I shall create alphabets, custom lettering and the occasional illustration. I am forever in debt to the Deatsch family for this magnificent gift and will make sure the table gets proper use.


(Here is the desk dominating my workspace. The light nearly touches the ceiling!)


(Here is some of the cool stuff that came with it. I tried to take a picture of the whole desk top,
but I can’t get high enough to get it all in frame.)