Ski Resort Security VS. UTL

No one likes you when you work for Ski Resort Security or “Mountain Security.” Trust me I know. This is a design my co-workers and I agreed upon at the end of our season working security for a resort in Colorado. We were going to make shirts and sell them to all the kids who hated us.




With it being National Election Day I feel that it is appropriate to bring the Mojib Revolution to your attention. Mojib Revolution is a guerrilla propaganda campaign started in the seedy underbelly of Long Beach by Team Euclid. They kidnapped me a couple years back and forced me at spork point to illustrate a portrait of their leader. I also did a follow-up piece.


Here are their words:

It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming… The revolution will come, just you wait. And when it does all those capitalist pigdogs who subjugate the masses with their materialism and false idols will feel the brunt of all that is Mojib.

Look for the signs of a Mojib Patriot in a dark alley near you.


Join the Revolution?