Brandlessbrand Barcodes

This guy Ben commented on my barcode design post a while back. It seems that he has been experimenting with barcode design for a while now and has an interesting proposal for us all. Read below, check out his site and start participating.


Brandlessbrand is telling you that – contrary to popular belief – all water IS the same. It’s water. That said let’s do something interesting with it…make it our national canvas. We’re letting designers test their chops by redesigning the barcode and creating a community brand around it. Nothing more. A barcode. A bottle of water. Your brand.

I started this project for a variety of reasons:

  1. I love the idea of using the barcode as a creative medium and re-defining the iconic symbol of consumption
  2. I think the limit has been pushed on how exaggerated a product’s claims can be and I wanted to push the limit in the opposite direction
  3. I’m completely taken with the power of the crowd/community and wanted to test crowd sourcing’s merits in the consumer products world and
  4. to send a small personal message to the beverage industry…which I have been working in the past couple of years (see logo:)


Mostly though I’m just a designer at heart who has a passion for good, simple, honest design. In essence, this brand is all about the designers behind it, where the store shelves will become your gallery.  once we take over water…there’s no telling how many more shelves we can conquer! Overly ambitious? Probably. Corny? Kinda. Possible? That’s what I’m dying to find out!

Come join the brand and shout our praises to the world!

If you have any questions, or you want to get in touch with me personally, you can: ben[at] – talk to me.