Artist Survey #12: Hanah Hicks

Hannah is basically my other sister. I have known her my whole conscious life and our families remain close friends. She is currently finishing up a degree in fashion and apparel design in San Francisco and hopes to start designing/manufacturing bold clothing and outerwear to fit today’s board culture.




Name: Hannah Hicks

Location: San Francisco, CA

Medium(s): Clothing.

What do you consider yourself (artist/designer/other)? Designer.

Where can we see your work (place/publications/url)? On people, in magazines. The ski and snowboard community. MySpace.

When did you start gaining interest in artistic forms of expression? I’ve always liked making things, but my fashion designing focus started about 3 years ago.

Who/What inspired your interest? I was inspired by a woman I lived with when I was in New Zealand. She taught me how to create my own clothes instead of using a pattern.

Where do you first remember being exposed to art? From an infant when my dad would play his guitar and sing.

What is your day job? In the winter I work in the Sports Shop at a ski resort.

Why do you create? To inspire others.

Is there any recurring theme in your work? I like to collaborate with my friends and family.

What do you want from your work? I want to make people feel better about themselves and happier with life in general.

What do you want viewers to take from your work? I want them to find innovation.

How often do you work on personal projects? Once a month or so. But these projects stem into lines that are for others.

How often do you work on commissions or commercial work? Never.

Does your art support you financially? Not yet.

Do you feel preoccupied with your art, do you think about it often during the day and night and do you anticipate your next session? I think about it all the time. I check out pretty much every person I pass. Haha. I am always looking for a source of inspiration. I should execute my ideas more though.

What do you do in your spare time besides your art? I travel and enjoy the snow and go to school.

Which musicians are you currently interested in? I will always be a fan of the Beastie Boys and Sublime. I am getting more into the Brazilian Girls, although I haven’t heard much of them. And I love to dance to BLVD!

Are there any events you are looking forward to attending? Yea. Sea of Dreams. Everyone should go. Its gonna be an amazing new years eve party in SF.

How long do you generally take on a piece? It depends on what it is. I can make a shirt in about a week. Or it can take me a few months to plan out an outerwear jacket.

Have you jeopardized or risked the loss of a significant relationship, job, educational or career opportunity because of your art? I think that art has only been beneficial in my life. Who needs money?

Do you work on multiple projects at once? Not usually. I usually work on multiple pieces at the same time but they are all part of the same line.

Do you have trouble parting with your finished work? Most of the time. Sometimes I make a few of each piece just so I can have one around. But I usually just take lots of pictures. I wish I had a website to show you all. Coming soon, hopefully. Most of my pictures from my first two collections are on Just take a look in my pictures in my Palindome:We’re Gonna make it Album. Thanks!!!