Artist Survey #6: Joey Fumar

Joey grew up in Sonora, CA just like me. We got to know each other in an advanced placement biology class we probably should not have been in. We were the only kids in our graduating class to attend Long Beach State, where we became good friends. I even lived at his grandma’s house down there for a summer. He now lives in Hawaii and will be moving to Australia shortly. His paintings marry the psychedelic surf scene of the 70s with traditional Japanese tattoo imagery. He is also dabbling in cinema, hopefully we will get a chance to see some films in the future.


(Beast from the East : Acrylic & Paint Pen)
(Wicked Warrior : Acrylic & Paint Pen)
(Better Together : Acrylic & Paint Pen)

Name: Joey Fumar

Location: Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii

Medium(s): Acrylic Paints, Paint Pens

What do you consider yourself (artist/designer/other)? Artist

Where can we see your work (place/publications/url)? I’m trying to get my work into a gallery to be publicly viewed but for now on Facebook and on Myspace.

When did you start gaining interest in artistic forms of expression? I really started painting when I moved to Hawaii. But I always loved to be creative and make art.

Who/What inspired your interest? Tattoo art primarily inspired my painting style. I study tons of Japanese tattoo books and that helps me be creative. The ocean and its creatures also inspire me. I have always liked to include waves in my paintings.

Where do you first remember being exposed to art? Probably kindergarten or first grade…I remember I didn’t like being told what to draw or paint.

What is your day job? Waiter at Kona Brewing Company…Hooray Beer!

Why do you create? To release emotion whether it be anger, sadness or happiness. Most of the time it’s anger and sadness though. I find it hard to paint when I am feeling good about things.

Is there any recurring theme in your work? Bright colors and tattoo styling.

What do you want from your work? I want people to look at my work and feel emotion (hopefully rage) or be inspired to get it tattooed on their body. I don’t want to be an artist who creates boring shit like stuff you see in hotel lobbies or restaurants. I want my art to stand out and brighten up a room.

What do you want viewers to take from your work? I want the colors and images I use to make them feel the art rather than just have them view the art.

How often do you work on personal projects? Every 2-3 months I’d say…whenever I feel like I need to paint.

How often do you work on commissions or commercial work? Never yet but I would love to.

Does your art support you financially? No

Do you feel preoccupied with your art, do you think about it often during the day and night and do you anticipate your next session? When I have started a painting yes…I think about it all day and its weird I get really pissed off when I am in the middle of a painting because I get so frustrated trying to come up with color schemes and the layout and flow of the painting…I am not a nice person to be around when I’m in the middle of a project.

What do you do in your spare time besides your art? Surf and videography…some photography

Which musicians are you currently interested in? Nowadays…The Faint, The Black Angels, Marylin Manson, Groundation, Damian Marley, The Roots, Lil’ Wayne, Static X, Slayer, MGMT, Prodigy, Gorillaz

Are there any events you are looking forward to attending? None I can think of…Oahu has a really good art scene in downtown Honolulu there is a lot of young up and comers making really cool and funky shit.

How long do you generally take on a piece? 2 to 3 weeks

Have you jeopardized or risked the loss of a significant relationship, job, educational or career opportunity because of your art? No I haven’t put myself out on the line yet to push my art. I often think about trying it though but it doesn’t pay my bills.

Do you work on multiple projects at once? Nope one at a time

Do you have trouble parting with your finished work? Yeah when selling paintings it hurts a bit but I am glad knowing someone is enjoying my art. But there are some paintings that would hurt more than others to let go of.