UTLTRN vs. Wood


Here are some new pieces I am working on. On the left is a woodcut in the works. My first concept was the black marker. I didn’t feel that it filled the page well enough so I added the banner, but I already started the relief work on the skull so I couldn’t make the banner intertwine as much as I would like. I felt that the black flower was to cartoony so I changed it to some California Poppies. I might as some text to the banner and some more flowers and plant life as I feel its needed. I will post the resulting print when the time comes. On the right is another recycled chair back piece, this one is a carving of a happy cyclops. My girlfriend, Kim, and I came up with this while discussing what to do with the piece I broke in accidently half. I think this is a much better idea than burning it. I am carving with gouges instead of chisles which makes this very time consuming, but fun.

Stay tuned.