New Drafting Table!

Last week I got a kick ass drafting table from my friend Chris Deatsch. It came equipped with an over head lamp, a movable civil engineer protractor head with 10 alternate rulers, loads of drafting velum and grid paper, an eraser brush and some sweet vintage instructions and booklets from 1949. It was Chris’ grandfather’s who was a civil engineer for Stanislaus County before he passed a few years back. It will now be my typography table where I shall create alphabets, custom lettering and the occasional illustration. I am forever in debt to the Deatsch family for this magnificent gift and will make sure the table gets proper use.


(Here is the desk dominating my workspace. The light nearly touches the ceiling!)


(Here is some of the cool stuff that came with it. I tried to take a picture of the whole desk top,
but I can’t get high enough to get it all in frame.)