Gold Cartridge: Behind the Motherboard

The  Gold Cartridge Show is upon us. It has been a long road with a lot of thinking and planing and talking and planing and emailing and waiting and emailing and some foot work and finally a little bit of hanging. And of course when it came time to release the show onto the public I had double booked myself for the weekend so I missed it all. Luckily we will be hosting music and partying every Saturday while the show is up. Either way, figuring out our first fully independent art show has been quite the experience. Making it all happen isn’t as hard as people will tell you it is, especially when you have a group of cool cats all working towards the same goal. Things got a little loosey goosey in the middle when no one wanted to take the reigns, but everyone handled their own and finished their parts of the project with flying colors. Here is a link to a video the Wildes put together as a teaser for the show.

We gave ourselves a two month window to complete this project and it seemed to be a perfect amount of time for our first attempt. As we put on more shows certain steps will get easier and more attention will be placed on promotion. The two most important aspects of coordinating an art show would be having art and a place to hang art. So getting the word out to all of the artists and social media outlets as soon as possible is pretty key. Of course the artists will all be submitting pieces that are still drying and without proper hanging devices no matter how much time you give them. Being in a small town, one of our key pieces of local promotion was our fantastic window display that was largely directed by Jen Fletcher of REVAMP. She brought us a large collection of old TVs to decorate and it couldn’t have turned out better. Our largest problem was dealing with all of the illiterate crack heads that were upset we weren’t an “old TV store.”

Being a printmaker, I am all about selling high quantity (and quality) at an affordable price as opposed to investing in one piece and hoping it will sell. For my entry I screened a limited run of one color prints featuring one of my favorite video game characters, Donkey Kong. It was my first run of non-garment screenprints since college and I loved printing them. It is so much faster than printing linocuts! I compiled and modified some old clip art to create an imagined end screen from the original Donkey Kong. I also chose to paint up one of the prints and mounted it to some fence planks so that I could have something colorful to hang next to all of the other great work. This piece turned out fairly morbid as I chose to show Mario as a monkey exterminator who has already succeeded in ridding the world of Diddy, Dixie and Kiddy Kong from the Super Nintendo franchise and is about to drop the hammer on the big Donkey. I think it turned out pretty well and apparently a lot of the people at the reception did as well.


Yesterday was the KVIE Preview Party for their televised art auction, so my posse and I jumped in the car and headed up to Sacramento to represent Sonora’s budding “youth” art scene. Two other Sonora artists, Travis Logan and Chelsea Wilde, were featured in the auction as well as the framing work of All That Matters, a Twain Harte based framing shop which KVIE coincedentally had frame my piece. For those of you who haven’t seen the piece yet it is titled M’boi Tui v Tatzelwurm and depicts the Paraguyan parrott-snake god M’boi Tui engauged in mortal combat with the Swiss cat-snake cryptid known as a tatzelwurm.

I was very excited to be a part of this event as it meant that I was able to get my piece in front of SKINNER, the jurror of my category. The good news is that he thought it was good enough to make money for a non-profit organization. The bad news is that he didn’t show at the preview party so I will have to meet him later in life. I am able to gloat a little as during the event my piece received a starting bid before it will be aired on KVIE this Sunday. My piece is #44A and will be aired at 9:30PM. Chelsea’s is #46E and will be aired between 10:30 and 11PM. Travis’ is #47A and will be aired at 11PM. Remember the money goes to KVIE. You can always buy stuff from us if you want to.

Check out photos of all of the art here, because I can’t steal the images off the KVIE site and post them for you.

Danae Wilson Conqures Old Town Temecula.

{Photo by Brandy Sebastian}
This past January I was invited to drive 8 hours south to the city of Temecula where my good friend Danae Wilson was selected by The Arts Council of The Temecula Valley to display two of her paintings in the “Visual Expressions 2010” juried art show. I had a great time visiting old friends, eating cheese, drinking free wine… oh and looking at the art. There were many interesting pieces and talented artists, but none as noteworthy as Danae’s and she has the certificates of award to prove it. That’s right, I said certificates, as in plural! That night she went home with one piece, Transition, receiving third place in the paintings category and her other, Conflict, taking BEST OF SHOW!
{Transition, Photo by Natalie Mills}
{Conflict, Photo by Natalie Mills}
There were a couple other cool pieces, an alien vagina sculpture, a belly dancer, something religious and some other stuff that escapes me at the moment. Here are some photos by Brandy Sebastian and Natalie Mills:

The exhibit is scheduled to run from January 22nd to February 21st 2010 so if you are around and haven’t seen it yet take a look see or if you don’t you can just read more about it here.
Here is the gallery info:
42051 Main St.
Temecula CA 92590-2769
(951) 308-6377

Forest Stearns gettin’ a nod

Hometown Hero, Forest Stearns, and his hommie, Arian Stevens, got up in Juxtapoz’s Calendar for their upcoming show in Oregon. It is only a matter of time before they are featured on the cover! You can read the show description here. Their upcoming show will be at the new Portland-area gallery known as the Someone Gallery. I looks like a cool place to chill if you find yourself in Oregon. I know I will be hitting it up the next chance I get.

Someone Gallery

Someone Gallery is brand new to the down town Portland area. Located right next door to PSU at 2718 SW Kelly, Someone Gallery is part of a much bigger multi-faceted project. The layout of our building has a wide variety of hardwood flooring everywhere you look making our presentation space immaculate. The Gallery is also part of the Someone Clothing shop, where artist Someone offers tons of art-driven clothing and one-of-a-kind products plus he continues the art shows with his own art, which will be on permanent display. We keep two artists up for two months at a time, and there is a room downstairs that we have dedicated solely to art installations. Though the shows run for two months, the installation room will be painted every month at the Last Friday party we throw. Along with our monthly parties, we also have in-store performances and events frequently, so keep posted to and come visit us soon!

Returning Show 2

{ Poster designed by me }

The second installment of the Returning Show kicks of this weekend at the Stage 3 Theatre in downtown Sonora. The show features artworks by several young artists who were raised in Tuolumne County. The reception will take place from 5-7pm this Saturday the 19th. There will be snacks and booze as well as art you won’t see anywhere else in the county. This isn’t the usual water color of flowers, photograph of the Red Church or oil painting of an old barn. This is art with a bit more of an edge. A happy cyclops, a dia de los muertos party, and Jesus with a .45 are just some of the subjects you will see here. So come on by and get yo art on before you drink the weekend into oblivion.

Blasphem Us At Show in L!A!

In case you haven’t heard yet I have been invited to ba a part of “Blasphem Us” an art show down in Los Angeles. It is to be held at the Art & Mayhem Gallery, which is apparently a tattoo parlor as well. So come on down for the reception on Saturday the 29th of August have some beers and say, “Hi!”

Here is a new painting that I will have there:

Jesus Raptor: Internet Phenomenon or Our Saviour?

Start Time:

Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 8:00pm

End Time:

Friday, September 11, 2009 at 11:00pm


Art and Mayhem Gallery


3416 Glendale Blvd.


Los Angeles, CA

Sonora Art Show Success!

There isn’t much to do out here in the foothills, but there is a small group of people looking to change that. Last night those brave enough to expose themselves to new music, images and ideas headed to the Frog & Fiddle in downtown Sonora. The Frog & Fiddle has become the new hot spot for interesting night life in Tuolumne County. The outstanding art of Forest Stearns provided visual entertainment for the evenings festivities. I met Forest through the Returning Show last summer. He is a great guy, terrific artist and an eager contributor to the new arts culture of Tuolumne County. Soon enough I will have collaborations and interviews with Forest to post for now if you missed out on the fantastic Art Show last night here are some images:

{Forest Stearns and Duane}

The art of Forest Stearns is always impressive and inspiring.




The DJs were doing their thing.



A great time was had by all.