Blog Guidelines

I have decided to give my blog some posting guidelines so that I will be able to better pace myself. I don’t want to post a bunch of really similar things back to back and bore everyone. The conclusion I have came to is obvious, lazy and revolves around my fondness for alliterations. It is as follows:

Memo Monday: consists of a text oriented post where I ramble on about the various aspects of art and design, weather it be my work or something that has crossed my path. Being right after the weekend hopefully I will have experienced something of great interest and have plenty to discuss.

Typography Tuesday: I will post an image of typography that has caught my eye. It can by found type, hand type, my type, or logo types that move me in any way. I enjoy taking photos of old hand painted signage and I am sure that will be obvious as the Tuesdays pile up. I will try to post a bit of text with any image I post describing where it is, what it is and why I find it interesting.

Wednesday & Thursday: Miscellaneous discussions, musings and general whatnot. I want to start a generic interview/survey with artists and designers that interest me, maybe I will post those on these days. Maybe not. Stay tuned and find out.

Found Friday: Fridays will be restricted to photos that I have taken or the work of another. I originally called this Photo Friday, but decided to change it so that I could post info on sites, creatives and work I find in my daily adventures. Photo Friday was just to narrow for me.

Sloppy Saturday & Sexy Sunday: Hopefully I will be away from my computer over the weekend, having an adventure. I probably won’t, but I don’t want to promise that I will post something and not do it, so deal with it. I try to step away from the computer and create with my hands a bit more on the weekends. I have to sit so much between my 9to5 and freelance that I try to spend as little time possible hunched over my keyboard when I don’t have to. If I do post something it will probably be centered around an event or project that I am working on.

P.S. If you start to find my blog boring check out some of the sites in the side bar. They are young, local or semi-local artists that I respect and admire. I am sure that many of my posts will refer to their work and any upcoming shows or hangings they will be featured in.